The Week in Review – Donald Trump and Social Media Response

week in review - Donald TrumpThis past week has been very interesting in a whole manner of ways. I find myself in a strange position of trying not to be political for the sake of it, even though I have studied it over the course of 2 degrees. Just because I have done that in no way gives me an opinion of any weight, especially considering that it is not an election in my own country. Both with this event and that of Brexit it has both intrigued me about people’s responses to the political events and equally turned me off politics all together. No one side of this debate is innocent in their responses and while I am aware that the views of the few do not represent the views of the many I find myself in the middle of it all just constantly saying “Can’t we all just get along?”

I can’t even articulate my views fully because I haven’t made up my mind, I haven’t done enough research on the whole thing to make even just the slightest educated guess or rather informed decision about the whole event, unlike seemingly everyone on Facebook with the multiple statuses hourly about how it’s the end of days, or that if you didn’t vote for one over the other you’re against progress. The odd thing is that most of these people who write these statuses are both politically charged with strong ideals while also being British/non-American and while that is not a problem in and of itself to have such opinions it is after all a mute point because protesting on such things especially within your own echo chambers is not going to impact the world in such a way that you think it might as you right your passionate few lines about being tolerant unlike other people while disassociating yourself and being less inclusive towards the people you done agree with which only contributes to the problem. Writing within your echo chambers might make you feel good in seeing that there are people like you, that think the same, that think this is a gross miscarriage of justice or whatever but this also presents something ugly in that it may make those same people more enraged about the whole thing

It is less than a week into the post-election period and the world has not ended yet (no matter how many times people on Facebook or national media outlets might say it has). It is my feeling that we have to reserve comment on President-elect Trump until after the State of the Union address he does in January. By then enough time would have elapsed so those critical of him and those skeptical of him (myself included) can make a more wholly defined judgement. There is no point I feel freaking out (technical term) about what he might do before he actually does it. Of course there are ideas that might come through about what he might do or might not do as a result of common values or whatever but we shall have to wait and see.
I think we all need to approach this post-election period with a bit of humour and while this is a serious event, approaching it with humour does not negate this fact but instead makes it more bearable. Post a funny meme instead of a long drawn up raging status about the whole thing and be thankful you’re not living in a country with uncertain times ahead. Well… there is BREXIT I suppose…

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  • What a wonderful promise to anyone who’s been tainted by something ugly in their life. Thank you for sharing this so openly, so honestly. I’m grt;pful. &nbsea|  

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