Life: talking, living, doing

Life… Just what is it that you want to do?

As this is my first real blog post on this site not related to geopolitics and radio (my two major interests) I guess I shall keep this short. I am at a stage in myself whereby I am just about to finish (for now) my formal education. I feel as though I am in a strange position, feeling as if I am at a crossroads. I guess I feel that way because I am at the end of something great and the start of something greater (the rest of my life). I guess this is much more the same as I felt last year with the majority of my friends heading off into the world of work and myself staying on to pursue my interests in both geopolitics and radio.

There are many things I find myself doing on top of my dissertation that (should – and still is – my main focus at the moment) but feel myself being distracted by what I can only term as life, looking after the dog at home and fielding questions about my life from friends and family.It has got to the stage where I can no longer put them off with the “excuse” that i am working doing a masters (in a month or so it’ll be over) and I’ll need to start working just like the thousands of people in the similar position to me this year and the last.

I guess I just have to get on with it – apply for jobs while finishing my dissertation. The problem is I am doing both and I feel as though I am not making progress on any of them. Over the last week I guess I have become disheartened by the prospect of starting work in the wider world, everyone does, but am now in the right frame of mind to just get all the stuff done and be proactive at life and no longer coast like I seem to have done over the last few weeks.

Life is going to be interesting from now on. No longer going to coast – no longer going to use the excuse that I’ll get to it later, time to kick myself more in gear. I’m in a good place with the dissertation and a good place in life generally. I guess my problem has been I haven’t been able to stop and think, not taking the time to think. That is the piece of advice I give out and should take myself. Get out and “Life”. Saying all the stuff I want to do to people and just talking, not doing. I am doing it now. Living/Doing/Life-ing (maybe) something like this…


Just what is it that you want to do? - Life


        Just what is it that you want to do?
        We wanna be free
        We wanna be free to do what we wanna do
        And we wanna get loaded
        And we wanna have a good time
        That's what we're gonna do
        (No way, baby, let's go!)
        We're gonna have a good time
        We're gonna have a party

- from the beginning of 'Loaded' by Primal Scream 

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  • Litt misvisende i innledningen der, fordi hvis 40% allerede spiser sunt og 60% ikke har tenkt Ã¥ endre pÃ¥ kostholdet, er det muligens bare 20% som faller i en negativ, «Ã¸nsker ikke Ã¥ være sunn» kategori.At 70% derimot synes det er vanskelig Ã¥ endre pÃ¥ kostholdet burde gi heletdirsktoraeet og andre som jobber med helse en god pekepinn pÃ¥ at det trengs mer enn kampanjer for Ã¥ fÃ¥ folk ti Ã¥ bli sunnere.

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