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I have recently completed a Geopolitics and Security Masters at Royal Holloway, University of London. I sometimes blog about geopolitical things I see on the news. We live in interesting times for sure.

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I am currently a presenter and producer at a local community radio station in Egham, Surrey. They even trusted me to run it for a year… I post about shows I do on and off so if you like music and a lot of sarcasm then listen in

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I like films and I sometimes write about the ones I’ve seen recently. I once had a website where I blogged my experiences watching all the top 250 films on the IMDb list to get me some film education. That didn’t last long but it was fun non-the-less. I might do it again but who knows…

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Reading “Writing” makes it feel to me more grand than it actually is. It’s really just blogging about everything and anything. I write mainly just to prove to myself I can. To keep updating something constantly, something I can look on and be somewhat proud of in the future.

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Gepolitics, Radio, Film, and Blogging. A strnage combination

Well the first thing you should know about me is that I am a person. A 20-something person who has many interests. As you may have seen above I have many interests and I use this site as a centralised, somewhat organised place that I keep up to date. From geopolitics, to radio, to film and even a few personal things, they are all here for you to look at. Am I sharing too much? Maybe…Who isn’t these days, either knowingly or otherwise. Oh well. To save time and fill the space to the right I have answered some important questions you might have about me. I hope this finds you well.

  • Breathing is important

  • I am quite hungry

  • No other explanation needed

  • I can do maths

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