Making Changes: About Life and Change

This next week is all about making changes. I have time and time again said that this week will be “the one”, the one in which I get a job, the one in which I stop being so lazy, the one in which I actually go out and be active in my life, but time and time again I find myself falling short of this ideal, which I have in my mind’s eye. They, whoever they are, often say that in order to change your life, improve your situation, motivate yourself to do something you need to start off small and take it one step at a time, not going all out and losing steam too quickly. Time to change!

I have made some changes to my life, my outlook which, motivated by recent events that I won’t go into here, should prompt me to be more active in achieving my aims.

It was considered whether or not to include those aims here, but without reference for something that can be referred back to, to keep me to account I shall put them below.

I have decided to take the first steps to start my own company…

Before this is made official, registering it with company house and that I need a plan. This plan I have seen over the last few days is something I am actively working on, and working towards, in that taking the time to plan out the strategy it is actively changing the vision in my head towards something that is seeming ever more so attainable with each passing day.

Now, it would be ideal if I had some starting capital to make this company an actual physical thing, but I don’t want to go into this whole thing with enthusiasm and then fissile out a few months down the line. I have decided to take this in stages, from which I can tick off parts as they are attempted and hopefully done. When I have created a viable product I shall be slowly on my way towards making this idea, this company a physical thing. If it happens and enough revenue is made, hopefully this company should be a thing by August. (if not 2017 then 2018) as it depends on reception, revenue from outside sources and of course my own commitment.

I am being truly conservative in my estimates and coy about the process but this hopefully is a happy medium at which time I can judge my success, failures and reception of failures by. I am still looking for a job but while doing that I am not laying about anymore waiting for an email that might never come. The old saying about a watched pot never boiling applies here I am sure and as such while that “job” pot is boiling I am going to be busy doing other things. maybe even multitasking!

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